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BLANT PASED is a UK based company which aims to promote ethically produced merchandise which follow an eco-friendly and/or plant based vegan lifestyle. Our objective at BLANT PASED is to create clothes that do not harm the planet or the people producing the shirts.


The garments used are part of the Fair Wear Foundation which is an organisation with a robust policy to ensure the welfare, safety and right to be free from discrimination. This is achieved by the following:

No Sweatshops.

No Forced Labour.

No Child Labour.

No Excessive hours of work.

No Discrimination.

Safe and healthy working environment.

Legal Labour Contracts.

Payment of a fair living wage.

Oeko-Tek Certificate & Fair Wear Foundation


The garments have a OEKO-TEK Standard 100 which is an internationally recognised certification system which specifically tests standards in textiles. The certificate acknowledges that any raw materials, products used during production, as well as end products contain no substances which are damaging to people and the environment.

The shirt is organically grown meaning the fibres grown do not use fertilisers, herbicides, GMO, pesticides and other polluting compounds. When organic cotton is used water consumption is significantly reduced and crop rotation is possible leading to biodiversity. Organic cotton has a lower environmental footprint then normal standard cotton without reducing quality.

The print is made using water-based inkjet textile inks compare to other garments which may use the popular alternative; plastisol ink. Water-based ink unlike plastisol ink does not have Phthalate or PVC which is damaging to the environment as well as health. Furthermore because the ink is water based the machinery and screens can be cleaned with water rather than dangerous chemicals.


The garments, print or ink contain no animal by products nor are tested on animals ensuring our shirts remain cruelty free.